Meet our Tutors

Our msr center tutors are passionate upperclassmen who wish to help fellow uic students build their math and science skills.

our tutors have excelled in respective math and science courses and have been carefully recruited by our ised office to ensure the best tutoring services.

Sungah Choi

My name is Sungah "Esther" Choi. I am a senior year student pursuing a BSE degree in Bio-Convergence. I'm definitely a foodie. My friends always ask me for the best restaurants around. I also like cycling, hiking, and playing board games. Please come and drop by my office hours to ask questions - whether it's biology, chemistry, physics, or calculus. You could even come by to seek advice for courses I have taken or to just bounce back ideas for a project. I promise I'm super friendly and will try my best to help you!

Jungmin Nam

Hi! I'm Jungmin, class of 19 and BC major. I play the violin in an orchestra, and in the winter I enjoy skiing and snowboarding! Science can be complicated and difficult at times, and university academics can be stressful. I will walk you through the fundamental concepts as well as the complex bits of science and programming. Once we're through, you'll be able to apply those concepts on your own! Let's broaden our horizons together~

Yuju Jun

Hello, everyone! I am Yuju Jun, NSE class of 18 double majoring in Biotechnology. I like listening to music, watching movies, and traveling for exciting exhibitions. My specialty is chemistry; I will try my best to help you out through difficult concepts, problem solving, and even writing reports! I am in my junior year and double majoring, so if you ever need help with course materials or advice for university life and courses, please feel free to stop by!

Junsung Lee

Hi! I'm Junsung, class of 18 majoring in NSE. I will be one of the full-time TAs for the MSR Center this semester. I will help you with subjects related to math such as calculus and statistics. If you have any questions regarding other subjects, try a shot. I will do my best to help you out! I'm also a great fan of football so if you want to chill and talk about the latest news, that's welcome as well :-)

Izabela Berile

Hi everyone! My name is Izabela, 17.5 majoring in NSE. I'll be your full-time TA for the Center this semester! If I'm not working at the Center, you can either find me eating pizza, sleeping like a baby or working out at the gym! I aim to create a space of connection and support for all UIC students; our MSR Center is a place where you can comfortably come to learn and meet our awesome team of TAs! I will be very happy to get to know each and every one of you and talk with you about any topic in your life :-)

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